Tyres repair service and tyre replacement for all vehicles in Aylesbury

Are your tyres damaged?

Do you need to replace your tyres? Do you need to repair your tyres? If so then you certainly have come to the right place. At Aylesbury Auto Clinic we specialise in Tyres. At Aylesbury AutoClinic our mechanics not only replace tyres but they can also repair tyres. When a tyre is worked out we understand that it is time to replace your tyres and recycle the worked out tyre and turn it into a brand new tyre.

Time to replace your tyres in Aylesbury

Not sure when it is time to change your tyres? If you are unsure when it is time to change your tyres you can always came and visit Aylesbury AutoClinic and we can examine your tyres with our knowledge and expertise and advise you honestly if it is time to replace your tyres or your tyres simply need a repair.

Types of tyres stocked by Aylesbury AutoClinic

At Aylesbury AutoClinic you will be pleased to know that we stock a variety of Tyres for all vehicles.

The types of tyres we stock are

Winter Tyres

At Aylesbury Auto Clinic we stock Winter Tyres. Winter Tyres are great for the winter. The name gives it away. Winter Tyres are designed to give you that extra grip in the winter especially when it snows and gets icy. Winter tyres remain flexible regardless if the temperature drops which is very likely in the winter. With winter tyres you get get that piece of mind to keep you safe on the road in wintery conditions. Do you really need winter tyres? At Aylesbury AutoClinic we highly recommend winter tyres especially if you live if you live in Britain and it gets really really cold where the weather turns nasty. With Winter Tyres you have that extra safety protection

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are also known as standard tyres. Summer tyres are suitable for the summer. Summer tyres perform very well in the summer and can deal with temperatures above 7. Summer tyres are designed with a soft rubber compound and are resistance against aqua planning. At Aylesbury AutoClinic we highly recommend summer tyres if you liv in a hot country where it is is summer most of the year.

All Season Tyres

At Aylesbury AutoClinic we also stock all season Tyres. All season tyres are suitable for both Winter and Summer. However even though summer tyres are suitable to use in the winter and summer thy don’t work in the same way. One advantage of having seasonal tyres is that you don’t have to replace your tyres when the season changes.

Part Worn Tyres

Part Worn tyres are tyres that have been used slightly or temporarily for some reason. Part worn tyres are second hand tyres. They are not entirely used and worked out. An advantage of having part worn tyres is that they are cheaper then brand new tyres and this can be a good thing if you are on a budget or cannot afford brand new expensive tyres.


Energy saving tyres save you energy.
Energy saving tyres are designed to consume little fuel helping to maintain a greener environment.


High performance tyres are designed to provide quick response, have enhanced grip and the ability to cope with high speed very well. High Performance tyres are created by premium manufacturers. The price tag of high performance tyres can be very steep and is suitable for demanding drivers who want stability and want to get high performing tyres .


When it comes to tyre patterns there are is a verity of up to thousands to choose from. Tyre patterns have been designed to specifically for different types of drivers. Different types of tyre patterns have different kinds of advantages for all drivers. For example delivering excellence in wet conditions and high speed driving. The three main categories on pattern tyres areas Asymmetric tyres, Directional tyres and Symmetrical tyres.

To book a tyre replacement or repair call Aylesbury Auto Clinic or visit us at Unit 3 Gatehouse Way, Gatehouse Industrial Area, Aylesbury HP19 8DB